MusikBojen is Sweden’s only charity for music therapy

MusikBojen finances music therapy for children and adolescents in Sweden who suffer from traumatic experiences, severe illnesses, disabilities, or mental illnesses. Its mission is also to spread knowledge about music therapy. The MusikBojen of the Year award is presented annually to a prominent music therapist during a ceremony at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Who can we help?

Many children in Sweden need support to be able to process social, physical, and mental difficulties or to communicate their feelings. Some suffer from a serious illness or disability. Others are refugees who have come to Sweden under dramatic circumstances. Many are orphaned, have parents in prison, or have grown up surrounded by drugs and alcohol, and many have also been, or are currently, being bullied. Unfortunately, the list is long, and in addition to our Swedish tax funds and social security, more is needed for these children and adolescents to feel seen, cared for, and continue to grow as people.

Thanks to grants and donations from foundations, companies, and individuals, MusikBojen finances music therapy in time-limited projects at children’s hospitals and health clinics, residential care homes for children and adolescents, child and adolescent psychiatry clinics (BUP), children’s habilitation centers, as well as several other important instances around Sweden.

Our vision is that all children and adolescents in need should be able to access music therapy.

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is an artistic, resource-enhancing form of therapy that offers opportunities for communication and social interaction. Music is a powerful tool for therapeutic activities and a language that suits many children and adolescents. Music therapy can be conducted individually as well as in groups, and research has shown that music affects the brain, pulse, stress levels, immune system, well-being, and our ability to collaborate. Music therapy is a professional form of treatment with an international network in terms of education, practice, and research.

MusikBojen’s group of medical experts, consisting of child psychiatrists, counsellors, doctors, music therapists, and a neuropsychologist, identifies which children and adolescents will have access to music therapy and which project places MusikBojen will collaborate with. Furthermore, the experts handle the recruitment of music therapists, establish rules and working methods, and review the music therapists’ reports in confidence.

MusikBojen was founded in November 2017 by Claire Rosvall, initiator, founder, and Honorary President of the charity Min Stora Dag. Co-founders were Per Rosvall, founder of StockholmMediaWeek, Britt Gustafsson, professor and pediatrician at the Karolinska Institute, Ingrid van ´t Hooft, PhD, specialist in neuropsychology, Peder Hammarskiöld, lawyer, Christina Piehl, former volunteer at Min Stora Dag, Lena Evrell, project manager for the music therapy project at Min Stora Dag, and Martin Sandberg ‘Max Martin’, music producer and songwriter.

Our ambassadors play a major role in MusikBojen’s ambition to make music therapy more accessible to children and adolescents in need. With their burning passion for music, they spread knowledge about our work and are often present at our events. MusikBojen’s ambassadors include Loa Falkman, opera singer and actor, Martin Stenmarck, singer, songwriter, and actor, Nikki Amini, marketer at Universal Music Group, writer, and TV personality, Seinabo Sey, singer and songwriter, Caroline af Ugglas, artist, singer and choir leader, Nina Söderquist, artist and radio DJ, and Sthlm Sound Gospel Choir.

HRH Prince Carl Philip is MusikBojen’s patron.

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MusikBojen has a 90-account, which means that we are under independent control and scrutiny by the Swedish Fundraising Control, Svensk Insamlingskontroll.

For more information or inquiries, please contact:

Linda Myron, CEO
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Géraldine Norén, Project Manager,
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Address: ALMA, Nybrogatan 8, 114 34 Stockholm

Post Address: MusikBojen, c/o Norén, Dalagatan 18 E, 113 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you for your support and trust!